Our History

The Kingdom of God is universal. Locally, the Fishers church of Christ has served the Fishers community for more than 15 years. Over the years, the congregation has seen change with members, evangelists, and meeting locations. Young churches need to time to grow; and with the right attitude, proper direction, and God’s eternal guidance the Fishers church of Christ has grown leaps and bounds over these past few years.

From humble beginnings, the work started with 25 people meeting in the basement of bank in 1995; and over time, started meeting in a more permanent location. From 1997 to 2006, our family grew at an accelerated rate by the addition of the Midwest church of Christ. The meeting location was located in a strip mall in Fishers, but soon our numbers needed more room to grow. Built by the hands of its own members, the current building has stood since 2006, and continues with additions all the time. Expanding parking facilities and a new foyer soon were needed and furnished. Growth continues to be a blessing; and with and the leadership at Fishers, along with the Lord’s direction, we hope to grow -- not only in a physical manner, but most importantly, in a spiritual manner.

We here at Fishers are a family of believers striving to do God’s will, not only on Sunday, but all week long. We cherish our past, and anticipate an even better and brighter future. We want to be a church of Christ that is actively opening doors for the message of Jesus Christ to ourselves and our community. Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sake, and we look to Him as our model, our Lord, our savior, and our friend. Whether it is in our worship, smaller groups, Bible classes, at home, or at our job, we are determined to respond to God, each other, and our community, just like Jesus. We hope you will join us each first day of the week and Wednesday evenings for worship, as well as walking the way Jesus walked on a daily basis.